Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just when I thought things were dull

Just when I thought nothing exciting ever happens around here everything happens at once. Figures. I never head down to the basement except for straight to the laundry room or to the garage for a diet Pepsi. Unfortunately this means there's a whole area I never go into so a lot can happen before I notice. Wednesday I'd been running laundry. Later in the afternoon I went to put something in the girls room when I noticed the uncomfortable feeling of soggy carpet beneath my feet. yes we've had a basement for all of a month and already managed to flood it. My first reaction was total panic and of course my landlord is out of town and I couldn't get ahold of Dave. I was downstairs trying to mop up the mess as best I could. When I went upstairs to get more towels this is what I found my boys doing.

I found my two sweet boys sitting on the floor with their hands in the flour tub flinging it around the kitchen. Gregger's response was "I not do it. Connor did it" Mind you his hands were full of flour he was ready to fling and they were both white with flour. Not to mention Connor can't open this cupboard. Turns out Greg opened the cupboard and they both emptied it. Connor can open the containers. Good times for me. I didn't know which mess to try and clean up first. So I stripped my boys down and locked all of the kids downstairs with me. Dave had a nice surprise when he came home. A soggy basement, messy kids, a flour coated kitchen and a panicked wife. Turns out the pipe for the washer discharge came out and made a nice pond between the walls which was seaping out all over the girl's closet and out into the hall. We seemed to have cleaned it all up. But oh the stench. The girl's had to sleep in the playroom it was so bad. A large box of arm and hammer later it seems better. I don't think a smell that bad came from one flood. I'm pretty sure some previous tenants contributed. But I'm afraid to tell the landlord because I don't want to pay any damages. I'm guessing a couple tenants in a row doing this probably led to the smell.

Connor and his new girlfriend Lucy. She loves to pound on him :) Connor's plenty used to it so he doesn't mind. She crawled right over and sat on his lap. So sweet.

My little kitchen helper. Greg loves to help me cook dinner. He's covering his ears because apparantly the toaster is scary. (yes we had toast for dinner they'll live)

McKenzie's 2nd grade choir concert. She had a speaking part she was very proud of. She is growing to be such a little lady. Her teachers just love her. Everytime I see her teacher sees me she tells me she wants to keep her in her class forever.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Screaming for blood

I wish I had some good pictures of the fun stuff we've done with the kids lately but apparantly if you don't bring your camera you can't take pictures. Who knew? We took the kids to a hockey game 2 weeks ago on school night and the kids had a great time. The girls take after me and say their favorite part is the fights. I've always been of the persuasion that hockey is a lot of fun to watch so long as there a few good fights. Clean hockey is just dull. When we were at USU and could go to a club game every weekend for 2 bucks I discovered that I secretly love hockey violence. Strangely after we had kids we stopped going as often. I think Dave just got embarrassed of his very pregnant wife screaming "FIGHT! FIGHT! YEAH!" The first time he took me to a game he was all excited to teach me the rules. But I just cared about sitting close enough to the plexi glass that I can see their faces slam up against it. The Chiefs creamed the Portland team. Whenever one team is down by a lot they get really mad and fight a lot (learned that from Dave I think that's what they teach in school in Minnesota) There was one really good fight with helmets ripped off and team members jumping in. It took all of the refs to break it up and the penalty box was jam packed. It was great. Hailey was jumping around yelling in excitement. Good to know I'm a good influence on my girls. I think the only part of the hockey game Greg cared about was the part when he got food. I think as long as he gets a pop and something fried we could take him anywhere.

We took the kids for their first trip to Chucke Cheese with our friends Ben and Celeste. (also forgot the camera) I thought it was going to be lame and expensive. It was actually really fun and the tokens went a lot farther than expected. The girls were really into this jump roping game and I thought "piece of cake. If that jr high girl can do it I totally can" Well you can all guess how that turned out. I did worse than the 5 year olds. At first I chalked it up to beginner's luck, but after many tries I came to the conslusion that I suck and am just as uncoordinated now as I was at 8 and left to play pinball. I least I don't entirely suck at that. There was a lot of things for all the kids to do. Even Greg and Connor had fun playing in the play land with our friend's kids. The kids are saving their tickets to get some awesome prize next time. Or maybe after the next 10 times since anything not lame is about 10,000 tickets. Hailey of course had to have something so I convinced the kid to sell me this little necklace for s50 cents. Pretty easy to convince a high school kid when you've got a sobbing kindergartener.
Hopefully I'll start bringing my camera places. Other wise I'll have to post pictures of my kids destroying the play room, playing wii, or watching chitty chitty bang bang for the 100th time.