Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to WWF wrestling

This afternoon while Greg and I were wrestling on the floor he pulled a move straight out of the WWF. I hear him say "You goin down!", raise his arms in the air and jump on me. Where does this kid come up with this stuff? I know he sees a lot of sports on tv but I'm pretty sure its not wrestling. Sometimes I wonder if boys have some sort of innate soundtrack running in their heads so they always know what kind of noise should with an action. I keep saying boys come with sound effects. Dinosaur noises when he eats or chases someone, boing noises when he's jumping, vrooming and sirens for the cars and of course lots of indecipherable growling. Quite different from little girls who make every toy into a mommy and kids.
Shortly after Greg's wrestling debut Hailey comes out of the bedroom in this funny crouch giving motivational species to an imaginary crowd. When I asked what was going on she turned her back to me and continued her little pep talk complete with yelling "you can do it!" Then she proceeded to make a series of strange maneuvers still in a her crouched position. Now Hailey is unusually strange but there's usually a reason somewhere. Turns out she'd been watching a football movie in the bedroom with Dave and had been so inspired that she felt the need to reenact it for me. Now I thought they broke the mold when they made Hailey, but apparently not as I met her predecessor a few days ago. I babysat my friends 6 year old daughter and watched as the two of them bounced through an amazing amount of activities in 2 hours without completing one (imagine how my apartment looked at the end of this). They had the same build, way of speaking, and liked the same toys and games. In very Hailey like fashion, they spent a fair amount of time following me around bugging me for sweets. When this kid found out there was chocolate in the house her eyes got big and she was practically salivating at the very thought. When I mentioned Hailey's knack for stealing candy in the morning, she started pressing me for details on how she accomplished this. I stopped giving them to her when I noticed she looked a little too eager and had a scary glint in her eyes. I really thought there couldn't possibly be another child like Ha, but I guess I was wrong. Oh the horror.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting Bald

Sitting in church Hailey noticed one of my hairs on her dress. She asked why my hair was on her and I told her that sometimes pieces of my hair fall out. She said "why are you getting bald like Baba?" After a good laugh I tried to explain how we just lose hair and it doesn't mean we're going bald. This led to a discussion of people we know who are obviously bald like uncle Scott and Baba. Then I mentioned that Da was losing his hair because he is going bald, she thought this was pretty funny then said very matter of factly "Oh because he's getting old like Baba."

Thanks "mama Nikki" ! Here's Gregger's new and improved big boy bed. Nikki made him a Cars blanket and pillow case after noticing that the poor child had a princess pillow case. Well he does have two big sisters and truthfully I don't always think about things like that. I just give him whatever with no thought of its a boy or girl thing. He loves race cars. When I'm writing something quickly he thinks I'm driving a race car and will try to take the pencil yelling "my wanna drive!"
All the kids in the fire truck at preschool graduation. I thought Greg had died and gone to heaven. He's still talking about the fire truck nonstop. Apparantly this is an important milestone in his life.

Kenzie in the fireman suit.

A probable glimpse into Hailey's teenage years right here. Its just a matter of time.

Miss Ana, Hailey, Miss Miriam and Miss Sara
We went down to Pullman so Hailey could attend graduation at her old preschool. She misses it so much down there. She still cries that she wants to go home to her old house. Poor Ha misses her friends so much.

Georgey, Malcolm, Hailey and Maddie after graduation.

One afternoon while I was busy Hailey thought it would be a good idea to glue these pom poms to her face. You never know with this kid.

So Greggers was quite convinced that Dave's birthday was his birthday. Very insistent on that actually. He just kept going on about it for days, every time he heard us talk about Dave's party he thought for sure we were talking about him. Naturally he insisted on a "ka-chow" party. So we took him to the party store and bought Cars party stuff and he hopped right up there to blow out those candles. Dave was a good sport and let Greg think the parties were all about him.

Hailey finally learned to pump on the swings. She's so proud of herself.

Greg likes to "swim" in the gravel at the playground structure by our apartment. I guess there's not much else for him to do since most of its broken and the manager doesn't seem to overly concerned about that. A few weeks ago the chain on a swing actually rusted through and broke while a kid was swinging the thing sat there for two weeks. Finally Hailey cut her finger on it and I took it down and trashed it. (Good thing for tetanus shots I guess) Krista may have been rude sometimes but at least she took care of things.