Tuesday, June 24, 2008

White trash or hillbillys?

Before we take off to California for Tim's wedding, let me leave you all with this little tidbit. Tonight we decided to go to Pizza Hut rather than cook since we are leaving early tomorrow. It was fairly crowded and as usual we were attracting a fair amount of attention because our kids were the noisiest there. So I look over and there's Hailey, with her shoes off, feet up, chewing on her toenails! In a restaurant! While she's eating! I tell Dave to look at his daughter and he yells Hailey what are you doing? Like its no biggie she says "I broke a toenail." And goes right back to chewing! Augh that is just so gross!
This makes me wonder, are we white trash or hillbilly's? I never notice other peoples kids chewing away on their broken toenails during a meal...or ever.