Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So I just checked Nik's blog and apparantly I've been caught giving away valuable memorabilia. Sorry to say but I live in a 1200 square foot apartment with 6 people. Some things have to go. I got merciless on the last move what can I say? Honestly (sorry Nik) but I haven't worn it since your wedding. Its a bit nicer than my usual skirt and whatever shirt sort of matches ensemble. And if you recall I had just had a baby and was fat. Thankfully it has been too big ever since. Too bad for me that they stuck it in the front window. I thought it would just randomly go away and Nik would never be the wiser. I guess I should have waited until we moved then gave it away to a thrift store on in Hillyard where Nik will never go. I still love you Nik.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hannah Montana

Hailey and McKenzie are suddenly very into Hannah Montana and High School Musical. The other day Hailey put on short skirts, high heeled sandals, and a belt around her shirt and ask if she looks like the mean girl on High School Musical. Suddenly its all teeny boppers and not princesses. This video came about when we checked out this fantastic cd from the library the other day. Its some day of Barbie music cd. Which means its basically someone else singing top 40 songs from 4 years ago with a lot of pictures of Barbie in "rocker" clothes. Lucky for me Hailey has decided that this is the greatest cd EVER! She put on this show the other day for the entire cd. Hard to believe someone this uninhibited is my kid.