Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes

My kids seem to continually say and do the goofiest things. I sometimes wonder what people think goes on in our home. Sunday I left Sacrament meeting because I really had to pee. When I came back Hailey wanted to know where I was. Now when Hailey talks in church she doesn't whisper. She talks just like your half way across the room from her at home and she wants to make sure she's heard.
"Mom where'd you go?" Whispering I say, "To the bathroom Ha." Getting louder now "Oh did you have to poop?" "No, I had a bunch of water to drink before church and I had to pee really bad." Very understandingl she replies "Oh did you pee in your pants?" "No Ha I did not" "well then what took you so long?" (I had to fix my tights.)
I can only assume she thought this because I usually try to restrict Sacrament meeting bathroom trips to emergencies only. But I really had to pee.

Greg of course came to Relief Society with me because you know how mean those primary teachers are. Usually when I lead the music he stretches out across every available seat and takes a rest from his strenuous tantrum throwing. However, during the closing song on Sunday, he perked right up and sang along. I could tell it was nowhere close to what we were singing (How Beautiful Thy Temples Lord) or even the same rhythm. When our song ended Greg kept right on singing loudly as can be "Truly Scrumptious you too are truly scrumptios..."

When we were walking in from the parking lot home Greg slipped on a hill he was climbing and slid down on his bum. He proceeded to continue walk in crying and fussing. When I said "Oh Greggers you're ok", he immediately stopped fussing and said "Yeah I know" and ran off. What a drama boy

Tonight we went to my parents' house for my Dad's birthday. During dinner the kids kept asking Dave to get them things over and over. Finally my dad said to one of them "why don't you go get it yourself, you know where it is, your dads not your slave." Greggers piped up "No mommy's my slave." To which Hailey replied " No mommy says she's NOT our slave." Umm, I think Greggers definately has some mommy issues. Sa's going to have to retrain him because I'm obviously doing a poor job.