Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gene Simmons!

The likeness is uncanny. Both remarkably strange individuals too. Hmm. These two goofballs were rocking out to some classic rock on my alarm clock the other day and it was just too funny. This is how she was dancing by when I came in and well I'll have to bust this one out when she's a teenager. Aside from getting the neighbor arrested I'm having an exceptionally dull week. Hailey hasn't done anything more strange than hide chocolate in the washcloths, sorry to say but her adventures do add some excitement around here. Greg is on a cars kick. All day long its "pay cars me?" Its very cute but really how many hours of the day can I play cars? I probably spend a good hour or two a day in there right now driving matchbox cars around and its just not enough for him. I honestly can't wait for Connor to get big enough to play with him. I think he might enjoy racecars a tad bit more than me. Is that horrible that I get bored playing with my own child? Don't get me wrong I love being home with my kids, but sometimes it can be mind numbing. Dave thinks his job is dull, but let's not forget he gets to wave the little orange sticks at incoming planes while I have to listen to an EXTREMELY detailed narrative of Kenzie's day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Awkward Moments

What do you say to your neighbor after you get them arrested? I called the cops on our upstairs neighbors last night after an alarming amount of noise and the kids screaming. The guy got arrested, but I hear him up there now so he's back. He has to know it was me that called the police. That and I spied out the window the whole time, and eaves dropped as well as I could. And I think he saw me hiding up there when he was waiting to get loaded into the patrol car. So what do I say when I run into him on the stairwell? Hey sorry about getting you arrested last night. So how was prison? Good, good, well see you later. Yeah that seems like an awkward conversation for sure. Maybe I'll sprint to my car for the next week. I can open the door and tell the kids to run for it. Oh well I'm off to the store so I must leave the confines of my apartment, like I said who needs cable?