Thursday, October 14, 2010


Greg picking shapes out of clouds. this is a favorite new activity of his. He's obsessed with space and wants to be an astronaut. True to the Greg way he's already worrying about the details of it.
Greg and David at Millwood park. They have this awesome round wading pool, its like 3 feet deep, fenced, and has a LIFEGUARD! Sucks to be that lifeguard, but great for me.

Waiting for Eclipse to start! It was awwwwsooome.
Connor fell asleep playing like this one afternoon. Holding his dinosaur on the edge of the basket. He's such a little stinker about his nap. He never wants to lay down, but always ends up passed out.
Greggers playing in the sprinkler. Of course he needs his goggles at all times because what if water got in his eyes? The horror! This would be the same child who informed me velcro hurts his ears. Like hold your hands over them and yell.

Con pushing his trike. Always moving that kid. He's just the boy version of Hailey.

McKenzie performing at her school talent show. Shes turning into quite the musician.

We took the kids to their first ever baseball game this year. They had so much fun watching the Indians games, we took them a couple of times. Con is jr. daddy the sports junky and loves it.

Hailey did her hair herself for the ballgame. She's apparantly channeling some 80's diva. You should see the kids school clothes.

The kids at the end of year school carnival. Greg looked so funny with his hair all flying back and his tiger face.
Hailey's end of school concert. They sang cute little dinosaur songs and danced.

Our House

So now that I've finally gotten around to unloading the 350 or so images from my camera I can show off our new house, sorta. Pictures never do justice, and I've repainted. Lets just say the previous owners really enjoyed their 80's decor, me not so much.
The basement was a total and complete pit, so much so I didn't bother taking any pictures of it. There were layers and layers of dirt, it was beyond gross. Luckily my good friend Celeste gave up a few days of her life to dig me out of the grime. And help cover the hideousness of the paint.This is Celeste's son David in our living room. The living room is my favorite part of the house. It has the original wood floors and a huge front window. It was painted this tan color that just didn't work. It was too dark. Despite the huge window, there is also a huge maple in front, keeps out the heat and the sun. Bummer.

Now this, this is our bedroom before we painted. What you don't get to see is that there is even gold flecking in the greenish color! I know amazing! They painted the outlet covers, trim and doors with the same spectacular greenish gray with gold flecking. With that salmon color on top its hard to believe that I could bear to paint over it. It's the only finished room in the basement, but it could stand a little update.
This is the front of the house with our big maple. The side has a paved patio and cover, parking and garage. The garage is not the most beautiful thing ever. Its a jumbotron, metal deal that doesn't match the neighborhood. But its a garage and its big. We have a big backyard, all fenced and full of 4 feet weeds. They kept the frontyard nice and showable, but let the backyard go to pieces. The kids think that nickelback song that mentions weeds in the backyard 4 feet tall was written about our house. We have big plans that will no doubt result in one of us injuring ourselves because we are doing it ALL ourselves. But I'll have a beautiful yard to post next summer.