Sunday, April 6, 2008

Warding off vampires

Hailey and Greggers must be secretly reading my Twilight books and developing a fear of vampires. Because they felt the need to make our clothes garlic scented. I popped open the dryer last night to move laundry and out pops a bunch of garlic cloves. At first I was baffled, then as I dug around I found what appeared to be an entire head of garlic, broken into cloves and all the little peels in the lint trap. Dave came out to see what I was mad about and said oh yeah Hailey said something about putting something in the dryer. Apparantly, during their morning hunt for food we inadvertantly left out, they decided it might be fun to throw garlic in the dryer. I must not of noticed because I dried a load of laundry with it. Not only does that load reek, the dryer does too and I'm afraid to use it. I don't want everything to smell like we've been eating at the White House every meal. I swear those two will get into anything. The garlic isn't down low. I'm thinking of buying those grizzly proof food canisters backpackers get and keeping all of our food hung from the ceiling in those.