Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My little soccer stars

The girls are so true to their personalities in their sports. Hailey's a real go-getter, she gets right in there and isn't afraid to go for the ball. McKenzie hangs back by the goal doing this funny skipping back and forth thing. When the ball comes near her she moves away or freezes. Once I actually saw her hop on one foot, lifting the other leg away so her foot wouldn't accidentally kick the ball, cringing and closing her eyes. I with I had a picture, it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. All the kids are thundering down the field to get the ball and there's Kenzie jumping and cringing away in fear of actually kicking the ball. My sister has a picture of her sitting in the field picking grass, while the ball is in play. Carrie and Scott had taken her to the game for me. They hear everyone yelling "tell that little girl to get up, the ball's still in play she's going to get run over." So they look around to see who people are talking about, only to realize that little girl is McKenzie and she's having a lovely time picking grass. She said she got bored. Ah my little athlet. Re-tying her shoe for maximum tightness, yes the game is of course going.

The skipping, hopping technique she uses to look like she's playing. Not to worry she'll make a run for it if the ball gets near.

Look out here comes the Ha!

She runs the whole time she's out on field

My handsome little boy

Hailey's took this herself

Greggers in his big boy bed. He's so good he never gets out unless he's following his idol Hailey. I was braced for months of fighting to get him to sleep. It might be worse when I move him out of the girls room, but for now he's being so good. I'm so lucky he's such a sweet little boy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mandy purse tagged me a while back and I just now got around to unloading the camera. So here it is the mega purse. I believe I got this free at Bath and Body Works, I carry it right now because its pretty much the largest bag I own. Usually its more bulging than this, sadly this is a slimmed down day for this sucker.
This is the bag I carry when I don't have to bring a small army with me. Obviously it doens't get much use.

So here's my ridiculous pile of stuff I feel the need to carry all over town. I think the added bulk is that I usually carry more than one diaper (that's not going to get me too far) and a burp cloth, since Connor saturates two a day at least.

Here's all the crazy crap I carry:

changing pad wipes diapers for both boys

gum mints Purell - 2!

bandaids lip gloss medical tape

wallet Tide stain pen book

kid leash spare binky bag mai tai

nursing cover baby hat receipts

old grocery list Kleenex pen

crayons decongestent Connors immunization record

notebook (with a mega long list of books I'll never have time to read)

Well I hope that was super exciting for all of you. Amazing that one person can lug so much stuff around everywhere they go. Those of you with children probably sympathize, while my siblings are probably all renewing their vows to not reproduce.