Monday, June 1, 2009

"The best day ever!" -Hailey

It seems like the days when both Dave and I have a full day off and nothing pressing to do have become few and far between. Memorial Day was one of those few days. We packed up the kids and a picnic and went to Manito Park, my favorite park here. While we were eating on the grass the ice cream truck kept conveniently driving by, reeaallly sloooowly. My girls have held the elusive ice cream truck guy up on a pretty high pedastool since last summer. Before moving to Spokane, the kids didn't really have a great concept of what an ice cream truck was. Last year one drove through our complex on a fairly regular basis. I promised the girls all summer that they would get a chance. Unfortunately he only came through on Sundays or days I had zero cash. The one day the girls had the opportunity they chased him through the whole parking lot. Right before the exit they wanted to make a run for it but got scared they'd get run over (thanks to my brainwashing) so they hesitated and never got his attention. By the time I got there with the boys there were two broken hearted little girls standing on the side of the parking lot clutching their money with tears in their eyes. It was one of those parenting moments that just breaks your heart over something so seemingly simple. Back to Manito. We told the kids later they could, knowing we would be at the park for a while. They were sooo worried they wouldn't find him again. Especially Ha, she was just obsessed with getting him this time. After they'd woldfed down a suitable amount of lunch Dave gave the girls a 20 and told them to run, as the truck was starting to pull out (very slowly). The kids were beyond thrilled. Here they are with their hard won prize. By hard won, I mean obsessive pestering until we finally gave in. I am the weakest link. This is when Hailey cheered "this is the best day ever!" When I asked "even better than Disneyland?" She had to really think about it before saying "about as good.." Geez I should have saved my money and just gone for icecream everyday. Nah the trip was still worth it. But I find it humorous that a child whose had quite a few travel opportunities and has done a lot of fun stuff ranks this so very high. I guess it goes to show the simple things count. Funny after all of that traveling last year, this year we are staying home and the kids will probably like it more. Well not Kenzie. That girls go champagne taste on a koolaid budget. And for the record we did see the truck again before we left. By this time the kids were all hot and sweaty and begging to go again.

Here's some pictures I took of the kids by the lilac gardens. I love the lilac gardens in the spring. They are my favorite smelling flower and so pretty. When we get our own house we are buying some bushes! I want to play with these on Photoshop (maybe poor forgotten Connor will finally get his 8x10 too)