Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Santa!

Tonight at the ward party we were singing "With Wondering Awe." During the chorus it says "Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to his name." I noticed Greggers was singing something different. His version goes "Oh Santa, Oh Santa, Oh Santa is his name." Good to know we're teaching him the true meaning of Christmas.

When McKenzie saw the Santa at our ward party she gasped "I think he's the real one." (Kudos to whoever the ward Santa is. He's really good)

And of course Hailey always has a gem or two up her sleeve. In the car on the way home I asked her what she told Santa. "I told him I was good." Trying to tease her I asked "Oh, were you telling him the truth? Did you tell him how you scratched Greg?" Very matter of factly she replied, "No I lied so I'd get more presents." Good old Hay she tells it like it is.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Greggers

I know that Greg's birthday was Friday, but I just haven't had two seconds to sit down and do this until now. Its hard to believe that my little boy is three. I guess he's not a baby anymore. He's so sweet and loving. I love his little hugs and the feeling of little hands on the back of my neck. I know one day that will stop and I'll miss it. Greg still has a few left over baby habits. He still sucks his lips when he's sleeping, upset, or tired, and drags Tag around all day. But he's trying so hard to be a big boy. He likes to help cook and he's finally starting to dress himself. No interest in going near the potty though. Who needs that anyways when you have the convenience of a diaper. You never have to take a break to go to the bathroom. Sometimes he likes to announce to everyone "I'm peeing now." Thanks for the update buddy.

We had a little birthday party for him on Saturday. Two of his nursery buddies came over and Eli came down. I've discovered that boy parties are much simpler than girl parties. All they care about is playing and frosting. The boys were more than happy to run around playing for an hour and as long as I followed up with something with frosting on it we were good. No elaborate games, crafts, cakes or decorations. He really didn't care. The mesh of noises from four little boys playing was pretty funny. Simultaneous shooting, driving, and roaring noises that only little boys make.

Greggers in his pirate costume we got him. He got a dinosaur build a bear earlier. His little friends brought him Kachow color wonders and Kachow bath toys. And a special thanks to Traci for letting Markus bring a guns and army guys. She claims she didn't know if I liked guns or not, but come on you know who I voted for its not a shocker that I'm not a gun fan. She thinks she subconsciously did it just to spite me. (j/k Traci, you know I love ya but I can't let you live this down) The kids love playing with the guns now and I've only stepped on one army guy so far.

Greggers and Cameron

Eli, Markus, and Hailey, and a little bit of Noah's head

See cupcakes and a little funfetti frosting and he's pleased as punch. I don't think McKenzie would be equally impressed if this were her cake. Ahhh the perks of boys.
Happy Birthday little buddy, we love you.