Monday, June 2, 2008

Eat your heart out Jane Fonda

Hailey likes to do my workout videos with me in the afternoon. The other day we topped off our workout outfits with a coat of hot pink lipstick and took some pictures (sound familar Nik?). Hailey's so funny. She gets out a little stool and a toy that looks a little like a weight and flails her arms and legs along with me. I'd love to say that she really looked so ridiculous next to a super coordinated sports star like myself, but I imagine we look about the same. Our limbs flailing wildly, quite obvious we can't keep up with the chirpy blond marching through the steps without difficulty. This embarrasses McKenzie to no end. See we have this big picture window in our living room that faces the parking lot and street. Which means that every person coming and going, and stopping to get their mail, can see the two of us jumping around like idiots. The other day she says to me "mom you know all the neighbors can see you, right." I replied that I don't really care. She was quite appalled by this and went and hid somewhere else. Once some kids from school came by and looked up into the window, I was expected her to post a sign proclaiming she was adopted.
Hailey showing off her moves.

Me and my girl

Speaking of cheesy smiles, these two are Hailey's runners up

I'm not sure what this face is about

Hailey and her friend Lily on a school fieldtrip to the Jump and Bounce
The kids and their cool new shades

My boys having a tickle fest at the park

Here are some pictures from Hailey's preschool graduation in Spokane. They had caps and gowns and played the graduation song. I thought it was pretty cute, but judging from Dave's snickering I think he thought it was a bit over the top. Hailey seemed so pleased that her new school teacher had something special to say about her. They just loved Hailey. They say she is, and I quote "such a good listener and so well behaved, she's so good with the other kids she shares really well" Um are we talking about the same kid? I'd swear she needs a hearing aid.