Friday, May 29, 2009

Connor's first haircut and new glasses

Connor got his first pair of glasses last week. He looks like such a little man now. He actually does a pretty good job of keeping them on. When he first got them he walked around for like 45 minutes just looking at his feet and the floor. It was like he'd never seen them before. He'll wear them around for an hour or so at a time before he flings them. He'll just run around looking at everything like its a whole new world. Only this means he's really never still now. so taking a picture involves setting the camera on the fast mode and running backwards in front of him snapping pictures. this is as good as it gets.
Sorry these are in the wrong order. I downloaded them wrong and can't figure out how to move them. Here's Connor after his first haircut. He looks so grown up now. More like a little boy less like my baby boy.
He really enjoyed his haircut. This is Dave finishing it up. He had to do it in phases. He started while I was at soccer with the girls. I came home to a sleeping baby and a baggie of hair on the table. At first neither of the boys were around and I panicked and thought he'd cut Gregs. I think he did that just to torture me. He saved blending it until after the nap thinking he'd get more cooperation. Not so much. But it still turned out cute.