Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hailey's 1st lost tooth

Hailey's had this loose tooth for long enough that I'd forgotten about it even being loose. Sunday afternoon Dave was swinging her upside down and it just popped out. She was so excited to loose her first tooth! It makes her feel like such a big girl. The tooth fairy even left her a gold dollar and a note. (in case you're wondering how the tooth fairy knows when to come to your house, she has a giant map that lights up on your house when someone there loses a tooth.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lessons from primary

Greggers has quit going to primary because his beloved Cameron and Markus aren't there anymore after our ward split. How do you explain to a three year old that his ward has been split into pieces and now there's no one there he knows anymore? As you can imagine church now consists of Greg clinging to me, sucking his lip for comfort. When we try to walk into the primary room, he wraps his arms and legs around me and screams "Noooo, no primary! I no like primary!" When I asked him why he said "because Cramwron and Markus not there." I tried to convince that the new kids and teachers were nice too to which he said " NO they bite my fingers like this (demonstrates) and hit me and are mean." I highly doubt it. I think he's reliving some afternoons with Hailey, not primary. Apparantly he must have accidentally absorbed something while we sit in there with him crying, because tonight during family home evening he started rambling on about primary and a bunch of stuff we didn't get but at the end he said "and then the Holy Ghost went home." To which Dave replied "it must have been to our family home evening."