Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We're Free!!

I was so excited to be getting away from my downstairs neighbors that I was going to make up a little diddy along the lines of Andy's "Oompa Loompa Dwight's gone" song. Until strep throat robbed me of the will to live and it was all I could do to get through the day. That lovely illness was followed by some wretchedly painful episode involving my tonsils. My doctor's office is always being too busy to see someone who is actually sick send me to the Urgent Care where some 18 year old PA glanced at my throat (with no light or tongue depressor I might add!) declared me fine and said I probably had mono. Ummm thanks so much for wasting my time and money dingle beary. Can I get a refund please? Anyways I'm much better and back to making fun of the world around me (obviously) It is so nice to not have to yell at the kids all day everytime they so much as begin to hop. Our new place is not without its faults but it is a million times better. We have a yard, storage, and no downstairs neighbors. This is the best thing we've had happen in years. (man that is sad)

One downfall of this move is that I'm now driving the girls to school, which means 3 trips a day at 30 minutes each. Good times. Since I am the current record holder for the latest mom in the world, this obviously is causing a problem. We are always late. (although I have made the recent discovery that when going places without the kids I can usually manage to make it on time, so my blaming it on the kids must be sortof legit) All of the driving is really cutting into Connor's nap so rather than pick the girls up at the school, they ride the bus back to the old place and I pick them up. If I'm late they're supposed to go to McKenzie's friend Eriana's house. The first time I was late, I didn't know it and sat there waiting. I was surprised when the girls walked up from behind the car. They said they were walking to Eriana's when Kenzie felt that she should turn around. I was late again today (only the 2nd time yeah me) but I knew I was so I drove straight to Eriana's. The girls were there but told me this story. When they got off the bus and I wasn't there they didn't know what to do, even though they've been told. They couldn't decide if they should wait for me or walk to Eriana's. So they walked all around until they found a dry spot, then knelt down and said a prayer. When they got up they felt like they should walk to Eriana's. I was so impressed that my girls thought to do that. I would have loved to have seen my two little girls kneeling in prayer on the sidewalk over a problem. Needless to say McKenzie is getting my old tracfone for these occasions so she can call me while they walk straight to Eriana's with Eriana.