Friday, March 28, 2008

Who needs cable?

So since moving to the fabulous psuedo ghetto of Spokane Valley we have discovered a fascinating new past time. And its free! We call it the trashy neighbor show. Our extremely disfuntional upstairs neighbors are going through a divorce. They have two little girls and have decided the best way to deal with things is to drag them through the muck along with them. So every night around 11 the mom and her new boy toy show up to pick up the younger girl, (these poor sisters don't even get to live together any more), and take her home. This usually provokes a screaming match that eventually moves into the parking lot. All of the adults swear and scream and the kids shriek and run and hide from their parents. This is when the free programming begins. We sneakily peak through the slats in our blinds and watch them battle it out. Usually one of us is holding the phone in case we need to call the police and one of us has shoes on in case we have to go get those poor girls (this has happened before.) Sometimes its sad, sometimes quite funny (when the kids aren't involved) Then for the encore the dad goes inside and swears to himself for a while then gets in a good half hour of emotional vacuuming. He must have the cleanest apartment in the complex. Then for a closer when we take out the trash before bed, we get to watch the mom downstairs sit outside and smoke with her teenage sons. One big happy family. So if your thinking your cable bill is a bit too high, just move to a trashier area and bingo free entertainment.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh the Joy!

So this afternoon while I'm on the computer the girls are happily jumping away on my bed and Greg decides to join them. Now my bed is really high, so he gets up on it by climbing on a stool, then swing his leg over the organizer attachment on the pack and play. Then he stands in the pack and play and climbs up on my bed to jump with the girls while I ask them sweetly to please get down. Suddenly Hailey says "Greggers is stinky." I was sure she was wrong since I'd already dealt with that for today. Well lo and behold not only is he stinky but he's also apparently has diarrhea because it ran down his leg and left a really disgusting trail on his trek up to my bed. And also where ever he jumped. Image my joy when I discovered that mess to clean up. Also pretty glad I went for those cheapo Walmart diapers whose entire purpose seems to be to just provide a different exit down the legs of a sick child. All I could do was laugh about it. To top it off Greg had no nap today because he finally climbed out of his crib and thought it would be more fun to sit on the floor and read than nap. And I wonder why my sister doesn't want kids.


Dave and I woke up to the kids yelling Hey I found another one! Greggers was thrilled each time he found another egg. Of course once he figured out there was candy in there, well what was the point of looking for more when you can just stand there and eat and your sisters keep bringing more? The kids each got a Reester Bunny (its like a giant bunny shaped Reeses peanut butter cup) and thought they'd died and gone to heaven. I don't think Greg has ventured out of the chocolate food group since Easter morning.