Monday, July 7, 2008

Do you know who this guy is?

We didn't. Here's our random actor sighting from California. Jon Lovitz. I was leaving after checking out the local tourist attraction the men's bathroom (not a guy)at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and in walks this guy. After having the "hey isn't that guy on something" conversation he came back out and asked us if Connor was a doll. He was sitting in his car seat motionless with those gigantic wide eyes of his. In a moment of stunning genius I asked "hey aren't you on something or something." He took a moment to reply (probably to make sure I hadn't with a field trip from a special school) and said he's on SNL, A League of Their Own, and the Benchwarmers. To ensure him of our amazing intelligence I replied "Ohhh...yeah" That's all I could come up with. But then hey we continued on having a conversation about is my son a doll or a baby, so maybe he needs a special group too. I'm sure our hey are you on something was a huge ego boost to an actor and all. But hey he probably makes a bazillion dollars a year, so he can go home and hug his many, many dollars for reassurance. While the rest of us check out free tourist attractions we once saw on the Travel Channel (the men's urinal is a waterfall!!). Thanks to Mandy for telling us who the heck this guy is. I'll post vacation pics soon.