Friday, April 4, 2008

More tales from the ghetto

So this afternoon I call one of McKenzie's friends mom's to find out if the little girl is coming over tomorrow. This poor child's mother has a song called "Horny like a rock star" playing for her message. Seriously. At first I thought I was hearing wrong. Surely this is not really her answering machine. But by the second time through (those are the only words, apparently she selected the chorus for her message) I knew I was hearing right. Who does that? Crack dealers? Pimps? This woman has children for pete's sakes. I certainly hope she changes the message before the kids know what it means. I mean sure me and Nik had songs for our message before. Things like Anne Murray and Lionel Richie. But I think "Hello is it me your looking for" is a lot better than "Horny like a rock star." Is there a polite way to tell someone that they are not giving the impression that they will make stellar friends for my child? I guess all get togethers will be at my house. If that's her public persona heaven only knows what she plays around the house.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Missing the Campbells

Sunday evening I was playing dollhouse with the girls and all of a sudden Hailey got so sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I saw a picture of Maddie and it made me think about her and miss her and now I'm sad." It was so sweet. So we called the Campbells right up, Hailey told Maddie that she missed her and loved her and then she was instantly fine. Then they make a whole bunch of plans they'll never do (sounds like me and Nik) and life was good again. Then I see Greggers walking around talking on the phone to Sadie talking about who knows what for 20 minutes. Its like living in a house full of pint sized teenagers. Even the mention of Sadie, Maddie, or Eli is enough to send Greg running the window to look for them. He'll stand there with his little face pressed up against the glass saying "Sa Sa coming Mom!" Over and over until I finally tell him no not today and he melts it tears. After Sunday's sadness incident, I put the Maddie picture in a frame for Hailey. Now she randomly runs over to kiss her picture and then right back to playing. Maybe it makes her feel like Maddie's with her.