Monday, April 13, 2009

McKenzie's super belated birthday

Being the super procrastinator that I am I am just now getting around to posting Kenzie's birthday. Maybe I should adopt anti-procrastination day from Celeste. :) I pulled some old cds of pictures a good week ago but its so much work to put them in and all I just couldn't get around to posting some old pictures of Kenzie.

Its hard to believe McKenzie is 8! She is growing to be such a beautiful little girl. Sometimes I don't think I know where the time has gone. She's super smart and picked up the reading bug from her mom. She is so excited to be baptized in a few weeks. She loves to give family home evening lessons and picks up everything she learns in church. Everytime I talk to her teacher she goes on and on about what a good example McKenzie is to everyone in her class and what a great leader she is. Her classmates always say she is the nicest kid in class. Its hard to believe my little baby is turning into such a young lady. I know one of these days I'll turn around and she'll be all grown up.
A recent picture of McKenzie I took in the backyard before her choir concert.

McKenzie age 3. Fall pics at UI

Kenzie blowing bubbles outside our apartment in Logan. I just love this picture of her.

Kenzie's end of preschool celebration, her first year of preschool.

Happy 8th birthday McKenzie! Sorry mom's late as always.