Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!

Tomorrow is officially my last day of driving across town three times a day to drive the girls to school. My last day of dragging my butt out of bed and driving Kenzie to school in my pajamas. Which by the way usually look like pajamas and couldn't be mistaken for anything else thus further embarrassing McKenzie. Every morning she asks "is that what you're driving me to school in?" Yes of course it is. Its before 9 am isn't it? Who cares how I look? Its not like I'm going to see anyone I know. Well except when I fly by Traci most mornings on her way to drop off, I get the occasional odd look from her. I probably look a touched crazed with my hair flying wildly, and maybe cutting off a few drivers I deem unworthy. I love the idea of getting up super early, working out, and being dressed for the day by 8:30 am. I've set my alarm for that many, many times. But let's face it. I'm not that person. If I'm exercised and dressed in time for the kindergarten drop off, its a good day.
Usually I'm a touch bummed when school's out because it means 3 months of breaking up fights and messes. But thanks to the Central Valley School District' poor planning and a ridiculous amount of snow, it means just over 2 months of fighting and NO MORE DRIVING TO SCHOOL! So I'm going to go find my old Dazed and Confused cd, pop that sucker in, and fly to school in my usual early morning frenzy. I'll be sure to pick out a special pair of pajamas, just for McKenzie.