Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back your bags Ha!

I'll post some Christmas pictures and more as soon as I dig myself out of the Christmas mess. Oh and tear myself away from Rockband!

Hailey is using her newly discovered ability to almost write to leave mean notes on my bed after she gets in trouble. They are always delivered on pink, letter sized paper and written in marker. Her hand writing is a little like deciphering hieroglyphics since she has yet to decide its worth sitting still to learn. So yesterday after another fun filled day of raising hell and me screaming, her activities finally resulted in a wild chasing game through Target with Greg and breaking stuff at the store. Not a happy mommy. They were both sent to bed early, only made worse by Kenzie's sleepover and rockband going till 10 (which they really wanted to play.) When I went to hop in bed there was my hate mail for the evening. All it said was "tomorrow I am moving to Mississippi" That's it. I laughed so hard I almost had an accident. I'm still kind of laughig about it now.