Saturday, June 5, 2010

I guess we're grown ups now.

We got our house and moved in a few weeks ago! Unfortunately we are living in a mess of exploded boxes. Plus stacks and stacks in the garage. We have a 2 car garage full of boxes. Scary. This is our 9th home in 12 years of marriage, so I should be an old pro at moving. But for some reason I feel like I have to get everything perfect and it is taking us FOREVER to get settled. Once I got my shoes and hair stuff situated I kind of petered out. What does it say about me that I have perfectly organized all of my beauty products but can't even find a can of soup, or fruit, or pasta.... ?

At this point in our lives, with all we've been through, I should feel like an adult. Maybe its the fact that I work at a mall job I would've had in high school and still listen to Nirvana and drink big gulps, but I often find myself thinking I'm just like some 20 year old. Even when the reality that I'm driving a mini van full of kids that smells remotely like kid sweat, chicken nuggets, and the mystery smell hits me, it doesn't sink in. Even my newly arthritic hip didn't convince me. But buying a house, phew, now I feel like an adult. One day I looked at Dave and said I've got a lawyer, a realtor, a banker and an insurance agent that is a person (not a website) I need to go be irresponsible. Its exciting but scary.
So I have lots of pictures of the house but I have no clue where the printer cord is. When and if I ever find it, I'll post some pictures of our new house.